When the Student is Ready

the teacher will appear.

Tools for Self-Empowerment and Transformation

There is an ages-old spiritual saying of when the student is ready the teacher will appear It points to the belief our Soul brings us lessons in our own time through whatever means we will best respond. Often it stares us in the face until we see it for what it is  - just another step in our conscious expansion.

Three seemingly unconnected strangers are brought together after traumatic, transforming circumstances force them to look more deeply at how their life has been created. One is a victim of domestic violence, the second is a corporate high flier and the third is a young woman experimenting with drugs and alcohol. In their individual quests to find answers and meaning for their challenges and lives, they find that they are connected strongly in ways which surprise and amaze them.

Through the help of an extraordinary woman and a group of people who have come through their own ordeals, they understand that they all share a journey and purpose which can be touched upon not only through dialogue with their Inner Self, but also through communicating and emotionally bonding with those who have experienced or are experiencing similar events.

Through dropping their emotional and mental shields, they are brought to a deeper understanding about Compassion and Love.

"This account of a teachers journey into meditation and self knowing is raw, honest and down to earth. Very relatable."

-Angela Barnett, Amazon Books-

Knowing what so many of my clients are going through, have gone through and hope to get to, this book is so worth reading ASAP to assist you to steer your journey more towards self-love and enlightenment.

Kris Fontaine ● 

When the Student is Ready" is a delightful story culminating in a sequence of poignant coincidences.....or are they? Evania has illustrated how simple tools like meditation and Reiki can have a powerful effect on peoples' lives, reminding us we are all a part of the bigger picture.

Ann Smith● Balboa Press review

I have been reading "when the student is ready..." I am in my early 60's now and even though I have done a lot of work in unravelling my own journey, this book continues to bring enlightenment page after page. So much so, I have to put it down allowing my heart and mind to digest the essence of truth revealed like a warm blanket on a cold, winters day... Thank You Evania...

Carolyn Mason● March 2014

Compelling reading. After starting to read it the only break I took was for meals. The book is an introduction & insight to powerful tools for healing, enlightenment & self empowerment. Evania walks her talk & is an inspirational and compelling author. Written from the heart and personal experience / achievement. When will we see her next book? She has only scratched the surface. So much more to share I believe.

Robert Harding● Balboa Press review

This account of a teachers journey into meditation and self knowing is raw, honest and down to earth. Very relatable.

Angela Barnett● Amazon Books

It is brilliant. It is the next Celestine Prophecy, it is THAT good….

Renee Zaks● 

A truly wonderful and inspiring book. Each page gives the reader a wider knowledge into a journey of spiritual unfolding. As I read this book I related to so much of the experiences of not one but all three of the characters. The author really brings out the ability to want change and a want to heal on all levels in the reader. An easy to read book, one that I found difficult to put down. If you are just beginning your spiritual journey then I recommend this book to you...if you have lost yourself and need finding I recommend this book to you...if you need to re connect with yourself then I recommend this book to you.

Lornalou●Foyles Books UK

From Evania we have a unique offering a self-help book that reads like a thriller. This is a real page turner. I found myself going on to just one more chapter to see what happens next. She presents an interesting cast of characters starting with Shanti the counselling meditation teacher and introducing various of her clients. As their different life problems arise we move with them through healing and learning coincidences of daily life. There are five guided meditations in the book as presented in the meditation classes in response to what is needed most at the time. These are available on CD from the author. All around a very good book and well worth a place in our personal libraries.

MaryeAnn Azzarello● Book Review, White Light Magazine

"It is brilliant. It is the next Celestine Prophecy, it is THAT good."

-Renee Zaks.-

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When I was about five years old, I remember clearly when the teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I placed my hands on my hips, stuck out my jaw and firmly said, "I am going to write stories for people." I think my first story was something about a bear and a jar of honey and I still wonder to this day if I actually plagiarised Winnie the Pooh.

Since that time my life has been a tapestry of experiences which have brought me to this point of writing a story for people. I have been told it is a good one and it has helped people. That is a wonderful thing for any author to hear. The stories are part of me, part of my experiences. And I believe this is only the first book. The characters represent my experiences, people I know, stories I have heard and my heart. When I began writing this book it just flowed, and took me to places that I hadn't actually planned. It was definitely a creative energy which seemed to weave itself into being.  I hope you enjoy this book and may it inspire you to all you can be.