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The Truth from our Soul

The Mind and Body are but tools for the Soul to express its Truths. And if we don’t listen to it then I believe our “tools” will not function as well as they could.
In 1992 when my marriage crumbled into dust I sought answers through having a regression therapy session as all I could think of was that my husband and I had perhaps done this (leaving and betraying) to each other in past lives and the cycle had to be stopped. It was a thought that wouldn’t leave me and led me to the life-changing session.
In that session I went into the “Light”. That is the only word I can use to describe it, and words can never adequately describe the “All” that I felt in that state. To say I felt loved, and light, and safe, and okay are just small words. I was a part of something so vast and unending it changed me – in ways I cannot even begin to describe either. I felt that I was all there ever had been, all there ever will be and all there is. My little mind is still trying to come to terms with the limitlessness that I felt.
I also knew that I knew everything but knew nothing. I felt and “knew” on some level during that experience that I had created my life and all the experiences, the pains, the joys, the sadnesses, the challenges, the teachings, the happy times and the people around me.
On some level I kept thinking that I had given my ex-husband “permission” to abandon me in such a way that I would lose house, business, cars, every penny I had and everything else I valued. That I would feel betrayed, unloved and unloveable, abandoned, unable to trust and feeling a total failure. That I would flounder in debt and doubt for 20 years.  And I also “knew” that it was because he loved me so much (in Soul terms) that in these painful lessons were the answers to help me understand and to move closer to the full meaning of Love. I knew that the deepest pain gives us the deepest opportunity to heal. And every healing experience allows us to move closer to loving ourself, to feeling compassion for others and to move to greater depths of understanding through forgiveness and wisdom.
I KNEW all this. It has taken me more than 20 years to feel that my head is finally getting around it all. And I am putting into words, as I can, the Truth of the Soul – which is connected to the limitless vastness of All That Is.
The truth of the experience for me is my carrot. It is my lantern that keeps me going and shines up the path through difficulties and challenges that I can walk with a happy heart, a smile and with courage. It helps me to “swim against the tide” and do what is “right” not necessarily what everyone else does. That lantern helps me to go past the idea of ego’s pain and suffering and to see the blessing, the gift and the value of pain as a means to heal.
And it helps me to see that those who hurt us the most, in Soul terms, actually LOVE us the most. Because in that pain we have the chance to find out what the deeper meaning of Compassionate Love for humanity is all about.
I have touched the Truth in my Soul and want more.

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