Loving kindness Meditation


Sit comfortably and relax into a gentle pose. Think of your fingers relaxing, the muscles in your neck relaxing, breathe gently as you feel tensions leave your body.

As you relax think of a moment when you felt loving kindness. It may have been a time when you helped someone just for the sake of helping, it may be a time when you held a little baby in your arms, or a time spent with a little animal. Find that moment and feel it as deeply as you can and imagine the feeling of loving kindness anchored in your heart.

As the feeling deepens with each breath, imagine this feeling of loving kindness shining out of your heart to a place in front of you, creating a pink column of loving light. (If a group, then in the centre of the circle). Be in the moment as you create this column of loving light.

Think of someone you admire. The first person you think of is usually the image you need. It might be someone you know, or it might be someone you don’t know, or it might even be a figure of history. As vividly as you can, see the face of that person in the column of loving light. As you think of this person, think too of the qualities that you see in this person that you admire. What are those qualities?

As you think of those qualities, think too that you have these same qualities in you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see these qualities. The person you have chosen is a mirror. Look to them and see the shared qualities and bring that understanding back into your heart while you vividly see them in the light.

As you look into their eyes, see also that this person is similar to you. They have their trials and tribulations, they have fears and feelings about life, they have their moments when they are unsure of their place in the world, they have their moments of strength, their moments of vulnerability, their moments of pain and sorrow, grief and broken dreams, as well as their moments of joy and love and hope. As you look into their face and realise they are just like you – trying to find their way in this world – know they are also your teacher. Thank them, wish them well and imagine them gently being absorbed into the pink light.

Feel loving kindness in your heart and again connect that feeling with the column of loving light and breathe the light for a moment of gentleness.

Now think of someone that you know that you are having problems with, someone that you may not like or you stay away from. The first image is usually the one you need to connect with. See that person as vividly in the light as you can. See them in the column of loving light. What are the qualities of that person that rub you up the wrong way or distress you. Name them to yourself. Then as you name those qualities, know that this person is a mirror of you and a teacher. The qualities you name are qualities you have.

Look into their eyes and see them as someone who is just like you – trying to make sense of the world. They are someone who has pain and suffering, they too have their obstacles and tribulations, and fears. They have dreams which may not happen, aspirations, joys and loves. They too have moments where they have no idea what is going on, or how to go ahead. They have their reasons for being as they are and if they could be different then they would be. Feel your loving kindness towards them to help them. Thank them for being in your life and showing you what you need to see. Thank them for being a teacher. Wish them well on their journey and allow them to dissolve into the column of light.

Feel your connection to loving kindness again and strengthen the bond of your heart and column connection. Take a few gentle deep breaths as you strengthen that connection.

Now think of someone who may be ill or who needs loving kindness right now. Imagine them in the light and send them healing and love and your loving thoughts. Just take a moment to see them as clearly as you can in the column of light. And allow them to gently dissolve into that column.

As you look at the column of light, imagine it slowly beginning to revolve and grow. And as it grows it begins to take in all around you, the room in which you sit, the house, the city, the state, the country and going out into the world. See the light of loving kindness surrounding the world and going out to all living beings and entities.

Sit and quietly imagine this light shining and helping everyone. Then when ready just bring yourself back to this room. Feel the seat beneath you, feel your body, feel the breath in your lungs. When ready, take a few deep breaths and gently open your eyes.

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